Look no further. Here Are The Best Ocho Rios Excursion

Ocho Rios Jamaica is brimming with unique activities and excursions. From trekking through the Blue Mountains to horseback riding on the beach, you won’t be short of adventures!

Take a jeep safari to explore hidden gems along the coast, or go snorkeling in Manatee Bay. Visit Dunn’s River Falls, experience botanical gardens, or even wander around Chukka Cove Farm for ziplining and ATV rides!

Scuba dives deeper into the island’s alluring waters to spot hundreds of fish species and explore colorful coral reefs. Take a glass-bottom boat tour to get up close with the aquatic wildlife, or pedal on a kayak tour. Ancient ruins can also be experienced while exploring Ocho Rios Jamaica. Visit Seville Great House & Heritage Park, and take a self-guided journey through its past. This Caribbean sensation will indeed offer numerous experiences that no traveler should miss out on!

Tip: Ocho Rios is one of the best places to stay in Jamaica, thanks to the beauty of this port town and the exciting things you can do while you’re there.

If you’re planning a vacation to Ocho Rios with your family, a group of friends, or the love of your life, here are the best excursions and tours in Ocho Rios.

Dunn’s river falls

Jamaica Dunns River falls

From zip lining and horseback riding to lush rainforests and waterfalls – discover the best of Jamaica’s hidden gems with this ultimate guide to adventure in Ocho Rios.

Jamaica’s Ocho Rios offers a wealth of exciting experiences that will make any traveler weak at the knees. From horseback riding and zip lining through mountain trails to kayaking on crystal-clear waters, there’s never a dull moment in this paradise. Make the most of your visit, and our guide explores the best activities in and around Ocho Rios – from its lush rainforests and waterfalls to hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

One of Jamaica’s iconic attractions, Dunns River Falls, is a sight to behold. A series of terraced waterfalls cascade 600 feet down, surrounded by lush foliage. When you hike the falls with an experienced guide, there’s guaranteed fun and adventure along the way – along with some spectacular photo opportunities! So don your swimsuit, pack your camera and prepare yourself for one of Ocho Rios’ most unforgettable experiences.

Blue Hole Falls

Jamaica Blue Hole Waterfalls

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Ocho Rios and explore the mysterious Blue Hole Falls! Enjoy the lush scenery, breathtaking views, and incredible nature all in one day.

Enjoy the wonders of nature and the unforgettable journey that awaits you! When exploring the elusive Blue Hole Falls, prepare for a day of absolute adventure in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Surround yourself with lush scenery and stunning views as you make your way to the majestic falls that hold the secrets of its intense blue hue.

Be sure to stay safe and make the most out of your experience when visiting Ocho Rios! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes with good traction and protection, as the trek can be tricky. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a reusable bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Also, remember to follow all safety guidelines put in place by your tour guide. Have an adventure of a lifetime, and cherish the memories you make at Blue Hole Falls!

White River, Blue Hole, Zipline & ATV Experience

Jamaica zip lining activities

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure in Jamaica? Look no further than White River’s Zip Line & ATV Adventure! Enjoy ziplining, exploring the Blue Hole, and riding ATVs around the rugged landscape. Experience nature like never before and make lasting memories sure to last a lifetime.

Boating and Water Sports.

Ocho Rios offers an abundance of boating and water sports for visitors. Rent a boat for the day, take a rafting excursion down a local river, or try swimming with dolphins; the possibilities are endless!

Take part in waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, or kayaking – the options are available and tailored to suit your needs. Ocho Rios has them all, whether you’re looking for diving excursions or glass-bottom-boat rides. Put on your life vest and begin exploring!

Go Horseback Riding in the Hills of Ocho Rios.

Jamaica horseback riding in the sea

Horseback riding is one of the most thrilling activities in Ocho Rios. Take a guided tour through the hills and get to know the local wildlife, plants, and rivers.

Explore winding trails around historical sites, cozy villas, and pastures with a knowledgeable guide who can give you insight into the rich culture of Jamaica.

Enjoy the stunning views – you may even glimpse the famous Dunn’s, River Falls! Regardless of your skill level, this activity is suitable for everyone and sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Biking Adventure Tours in Ocho Rios

Get adventurous and explore some of Jamaica’s most picturesque landscapes as you blaze through bumpy terrain, forest trails, and hilly hillsides. If you’re looking for a fast-paced adventure, mountain biking is the perfect excursion to take in Ocho Rios.

Several companies offer guided tours tailored to all skill levels, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner! Make sure to bring your camera – you won’t want to miss these fantastic panoramic views.

Hang Gliding Over Nine Mile Beach.

An adrenaline-filled adventure awaits you if you try to hang gliding over Nine Mile Beach in Ocho Rios. Enjoy spectacular views as you float from one point to another, and explore the vibrant beauty of Jamaica’s lush shoreline.

Choose one of several local operators to guide and assist you during your journey, supplying all the necessary gear and safety techniques for a smooth and successful flight!

Dolphin Cove Jamaica.

Family activities in Jamaica

For an exciting, interactive experience with dolphins and other marine animals, look no further than Dolphin Cove Jamaica. Here, you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters of Ocho Rios with bottlenose dolphins and stingrays.

Spend the day exploring underwater life up close while expert staff provides supervision and instruction. Immerse yourself in the tropical atmosphere and make unforgettable memories that remind you of your magical time in Jamaica!

At Dolphin Cove Jamaica, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about dolphins and participate in activities such as deep-water interaction, where you can touch and feed them or take photos with dolphin friends. Other fun activities include kayaking and canoeing in crystal clear waters.

When you book your excursion at Dolphin Cove Jamaica, you’ll also get access to a lush beach where you can relax while enjoying stunning Caribbean sea views. With its natural surroundings and knowledgeable staff, it’s no wonder why Dolphin Cove Jamaica is one of the most popular excursions in Ocho Rios.

White River Rafting in Ocho Rios

Rafting In Jamaica

Experience Ocho Rios in a way you’ve never imagined with White River Rafting. On this adventure, thrillseekers will get their adrenaline pumping and explore the wonders of the White River on our custom-built rafts. From cascading waterfalls and friendly wildlife to exciting rapids and historic ruins, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Our expert guides have provided you with a safe and educational journey to learn more about the environment and local culture.

Snorkeling on a Glass Bottom Boat

Take in the beauty of Ocho Rios’ crystal clear waters with a snorkeling tour on our glass bottom boat. Our experienced guide will give you a detailed introduction to the marine biology and ecology of the area while allowing you to witness exotic fish swimming around the reef. Don’t forget your camera – you won’t want to leave without capturing your incredible experience.

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