Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Canadians Search 3x More for this Bucket List Haven v. Americans

According to the Google Search Volume Index, Canadians performed three times the number of searches for “Ocho Rios, Jamaica” during the past year than did searchers in the United States. Canadians may not only be seeking warm, sunny weather when planning their vacation, but also adventure, as  Ocho Rios, a town in Jamaica, is known for being a “bucket list haven.”

Everyone has a mental or physical list of things they want to do and experience before leaving God’s green earth. Popular culture calls this a bucket list. Some bucket list items are as basic as “learn how to swim,” while others get more adventurous, such as “go sky diving.”

Travelling to new places and dream destinations is also very popular among bucket list keepers. A recent survey conducted by Global Connections, Inc. revealed its members ranked the Caribbean 2nd overall for their dream destinations.

“That is no surprise,” says Cavel Capalbo, owner-operator of Jamaica Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios. “The Caribbean will always be preferred by vacationers because of its abundance of beauty and tropical weather. Jamaica is the island gem because of all of our splendid beaches, and we are also culturally diverse with a very rich history.”

Ocho Rios Jamaica The Bucket List Heaven

What about the town of Ocho Rios in the Saint Ann parish that Cavel calls her ‘home in paradise’?  “Ocho Rios is so exciting right now,” answers Cavel. “We have a lot of wonderful experiences to offer people who come here, and the list keeps growing.”  In fact, she says vacationers coming to Ocho Rios can fulfill many of their bucket list items, such as:

• Walk Under a Waterfall at Dunn’s River Falls. Unlike Niagara Falls’ powerful streams, the moderate cascade of the waterfalls in Dunn’s River invites the playful adventurer to walk right under the tropical flows.

• Ride a Horse on the Beach. The friendly staff at Cavel’s Jamaica Ocean View Villa has arranged countless horse rides along popular beaches in Ochi for guests longing for this majestic experience.

• Zip Line Through a Forest. Coast along a zip line amid our lush interior canopies for an exhilarating feat of adventure.

• Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove. Enjoy the thrill and love of these amazing animals at must-visit Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios.

• Go Bobsledding -Olympic Style. Take a fast and furious bobsled ride on a track modeled after the famous Jamaica Olympic Bobsled Team; and do so without all the cold and ice.

• Swing from a Tarzan Rope at the amazing Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, newly opened to the public. This enchanting waterfall-fed swimming hole takes on elements of a lagoon, complete with crisp turquoise waters and Tarzan ropes visitors can swing from.

• Pay Homage to a Legend at Bob Marley’s childhood home and memorial site in Nine Mile, St. Ann/Ocho Rios. This tour offers an intimate, retrospective experience of the King of Reggae.

• Go River-Rafting on Jamaica’s Rio Bueno river here in Ochi. Safely shoot through Class II rapids with a certified instructor. You can also choose to solo it and go river tubing.

• Ride a Segway. Master the modern personal transport technology of the Segway as you embark on an eco-friendly tour of a tropical forest, secret gardens, and magnificent fruits and flora. This one makes the bucket list, and sustainable tourism.

• Take My Family to a Unique Destination. If your aspiration is to take your loved ones on the trip of a lifetime, then Ocho Rios Jamaica is the place.

Currently, Cavel is offering guests 2-for-1 Ultimate Dolphin Swim packages at Dolphin Cove when they stay at Jamaica Ocean View Villa. Those who book now through the end of June can also get a free horseback on the beach tour. Additionally, guests receive significant price reductions on a triple traverse zip line adventure over the White River Valley with their Jamaica Travel Saver Card, free for guests until June 30, 2016. For details about all of the Jamaica Travel Saver Card specials, bucket list itineraries, and other package deals offered at Jamaica Ocean View Villa, visit https://jamaicaoceanviewvilla.com/amazing-deals.

Cavel and her husband are passionate about travelling the world and have been active travelers for over 25 years. They have been to Thailand, Canada, the U.K., U.S., Switzerland and several island nations in the Caribbean. So, what makes Jamaica and Ocho Rios stand out from all the rest? “I think the culture here in Jamaica is what really shines through,” answers Cavel. “Jamaicans know how to get over things quickly. We’re a very open people, and we are willing to try anything if it looks like a positive solution.”

You can connect with Cavel on Twitter: @JamaicaVilla