Ocho Rios Jamaica Newest Adventure – Dunn’s River Falls Flyer

The world-renowned Dunn’s River Falls has thrilled millions of locals and visitors alike over the years. The main attraction has been climbing the cascading 180-meter waterfalls and enjoying the alluring scenery of the attraction.

The Falls is, however, evolving to accommodate the demands of the new traveler and one of the new exciting offerings now available is Dunn’s River Falls Flyer, which is ziplining over the magnificent Falls, giving you a Birdseye view of the famous attraction

This exciting adventure has received some rave reviews by guests who have done it and is the new coolest thing to do in Ocho Rios!

This thrilling adventure begins by guests climbing the Falls, from the base up to the top of the cascading Falls.

Admiring the geological wonder and natural beauty of the Falls that regenerates itself from its sediments – the Falls continuously deposits limestone sediments that form natural steps for the savvy climber, making the climbing process so much easier! You will climb until you get to a special deck and this is where the real adventure begins!

You will exit the Falls and suit up in your special gear for the ziplining adventure. There is a series of seven ziplines and four bridges, some of which are hanging over the waterfalls, which will present you with the most exhilarating experience in your lifetime yet!

The well-constructed and strategically located ziplines will take you soaring through treetops, evoking feelings of flying through a tropical jungle, you will also glide across the suspended bridges that are directly positioned over the Dunn’s River Falls.

This adventure gives the best Birdseye view of the Falls, and you will also get that surreal feeling that comes about when you are wondering if something is reality or a dream, in this case, it is both! It is a dream come true for you to be Flying over Dunn’s River Falls and it is indeed happening in reality!

Despite the newness of the Dunn’s River Falls Flyer adventure, there have been some amazing reviews from satisfied participants. One participant with the name Rochelle left a 5-star review on Trip advisor in December.

She mentioned that she enjoyed climbing the Falls and was awed by the zip line over the Falls option. She recommends this activity to everyone seeking to experience the Falls in a unique way.

Another participant, Linda Steger who left a review on trip advisor said she was scared at first but got more confident when she started ziplining through the rainforest and over the Falls. She mentioned that it was of her most adventurous experiences yet and she would highly recommend it to all thrill seekers.

The Dunn’s River Falls Flyer adventure is growing in popularity as more people are sharing their exhilarating experiences.

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