Jamaica Is The Best Caribbean Getaway for Summer and Winter Vacation

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Planning your summer vacation? Here are some of best Caribbean getaway for Summer.

Jamaica in summer is walking down the beach, with lush, green hills rising on your one side, and the sparkling Caribbean lapping at the other. Jamaica in summer is the scent of jerk on the breeze, and the taste of rum on your lips. Jamaica in summer is more sun and fewer crowds.

Summer in Jamaica is happy kids, laughing as they run down the beach, their smiling parents following close behind. Summer in Jamaica is refreshing swims at the waterfall, and sunset catamaran cruising, and exhilarating bob sled riding. Summer in Jamaica is afternoons by the pool, an icy drink in hand.

Jamaica in summer is pretty close to perfect. You’re going to be so thrilled you booked this vacation.

Temperatures are increasing, and the abundance of families in typical vacation spots seems to be, too. Those are telltale signs that summer vacation is officially in full swing. From relaxing to reggae music on a Caribbean island to sinking into the hot sands of a seemingly endless beach, these are some of the best places to travel in July for a mid-summer getaway.

What’s that? You weren’t planning a summer getaway this year? Prepare for a change of heart…

Reason #1: Fewer Crowds at Your Favorite Spots

If big crowds kill your fun buzz, you’re going to love summer in Jamaica. Tourism is a bit slower during these months, which means crowds, even at the most popular activities and attractions in Ocho Rios, are manageable. And that means you could have the Blue Hole, Dunn’s River Falls, or that sunset catamaran cruise almost all to yourself. Or enjoy bob sledding, ziplines, and the dolphin cove over and over, without waiting in interminable lines. It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta live it…

Reason #2: Summer Events

From about May through August, Jamaica goes big in the festival, concert and events department. From art and music, to car racing and literary festivals, there’s always something to celebrate on the island. In fact, Jamaica’s summer events schedule is so packed, the tourism board manages a 90 Days of Summer, just to keep track of it all.

Reason #3: Summer is Family Time

Whether your kids are still little or you’re taking an adults-only retreat with siblings, grown children, and your own parents, the summer months are all perfect for a family vacation. School’s out and you’ve been accumulating your vacation time, so you can spare an entire week (or two?!) for Jamaica, for sun, and for relaxation. And that means more time with your family. More time for laughter and afternoons in the pool. More time for you.

Reason #4: This is Outdoor Season

The Jamaican sun shines hard in summer, which means this is a season we spend outdoors. Preferably, swimming in the ocean, cooling off at a waterfall, or relaxing at the pool. Even better if it’s in your own private pool, at an ocean-view Jamaican villa, where a just-for-you bartender is on hand to serve up refreshing rum punch, iced Jamaican sorrel wine, and even our signature Dark & Stormy cocktail. Did we mention it’s a tough life?

Reason #5: You’ll Get a Great Deal

Did we save the best for last? We may have. Because, even though Jamaica is absolutely rocking in summer, you’ll also find some of the best deals of the year. Take Villa Serenity, for instance: In summer, you’ll pay just $80 per person, per night (based on occupancy of 10) – $80 per person for a luxurious, ocean-view, 5-bedroom villas – total privacy, just steps to the beach near Ocho Rios. $80 per person for a private staff of 5, including a private chef, housekeeper, drive, butler, and (you knew it was coming!) bartender. $80 per person for paradise. And that’s a pretty great deal.

And we haven’t even touched on the villa’s summer specials

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