Picturesque Ocho Rios Ocean View Villa Rental On the North Coast of Jamaica

Ocho Rios Villa Private Pool with Ocean View

Our Villa in Ocho Rios is a perfect getaway for those who are not looking for one of those “tailored” holiday tours. Away from the tourist crowds, away from the hubbub of the five-star culture, and devoid of all the plastic charms of high-priced holiday packages, when you decide to spend your holiday with us, you get to appreciate and enjoy the real Jamaican charm.

You become one with the local culture. You immerse yourself in the undulating symphony of the rustling palm leaves that are constantly romanced by the ocean winds. You let your feet become one with the sand of the Caribbean. Or you can simply sit by the poolside sipping your favorite beverage, lost in the surrealistic world of Murakami.

When you spend your holiday with us, it’s not just a holiday, it’s an experience.

We fully understand that when you are looking for a beach holiday you aren’t exactly interested in the luxuries available in the five-star hotels – you’re looking for something serene, away from the noise, and with immediate access to a sweeping sandy shore and clear blue waters.

On the other hand, since it is a holiday, you want to be pampered. You want to feel that while you are enjoying your holiday, there is a place that takes care of your sleeping retreat, a comfortable and safe resting place for your children, your food, your own resting requirements, and your need for a clean and hygienic sanctuary. You want a personal, but non-intrusive service, around the clock.

This is what our 5-star-brand exclusive ocean-view luxury villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica gives you. It is a fully functional, multi-staffed holiday dwelling for families with kids, romantic couples, and corporate getaways.

We have 5 fully-furnished bedrooms – including 3 king-sized rooms – to accommodate large groups that would like to stay for long periods – we can easily accommodate you for 3 to 7 nights (or more, depending upon your requirement). Of course, you can also spend a quick weekend with us.

Relax and enjoy the view from Jamaica Ocean View Villa

If you go through our photo album you will find that all the rooms are not just well-furnished, there is plenty of space to move around. All the modern facilities that you expect of a high-quality holiday resort are available at our villa. There is a television in every room with all major local and international channels. Wi-Fi connectivity is available in case you want to hook onto the Internet.

The washrooms are designed according to contemporary tastes and lifestyle. The tropical color combinations on the walls, furnishings, furniture and carpeting always keep you in a relaxed, dreamy mood. Although you won’t like to laze around much inside your rooms with the ocean just a small walk away, even when you are inside, the Jamaican spirit floats around you.

The room you hire is a perfect place to spend quality family time or to re-strengthen your ties with your fellow travellers.

Our multi-tier balconies provide you a panoramic view of the ocean as well as the overall Ocho Rio scenic beauty. Different rooms come with different views – there is the village view, the garden view, and of course, the ocean view.

Don’t want the salty oceanic water for a change? You can lap around in our resort-styled in-house swimming pool that is completely safe for adults as well as children. Many guests like to avail our poolside dining facilities and if you want, the best beverages available in the whole of the north coast of Jamaica can be brought to you right inside the pool.

Dinners under the moonlight while the ocean waves playing the cosmic music in the background are simply the stuff dreams are made of. Want to snack on the beach? Our staff can deliver you the eatables of your choice right at the beach while you laze around on one of our benches.

A holiday should be a complete experience. Being at a strategic location, shopping places, pubs, restaurants, beach activity centres and nightlife locations are just a stroll away. Recreational facilities are available for families, couples as well as business groups.

In fact this is how a beach holiday must be enjoyed – spend the day romancing the waves and the sea and then you relish the Jamaican evenings either simply walking on the beach or absorbing the local culture either alone or with your fellow travellers.

What are the greatest advantages of spending your Jamaican holiday at our Ocean View Villa?

  1. First of all our villa is situated at a strategic location that is easily accessible from the nearest international airport. Transport, from the airport and to the airport, can be arranged if you let us know in advance. This will save you lots of time and trouble.
  2. Affordability is one of the greatest reasons why you would like to come to our villa. By the way, being affordable doesn’t mean having a lesser experience. It’s just that we want to target larger families because this has been our intention all along and in order to accommodate larger families, we want to provide you the rates that don’t deter you from coming to our place.
  3. Five-star treatment with a homely atmosphere is another reason why people find enjoying their holidays with us memorable. Everything is taken care of while you enjoy yourself. You don’t need to worry about the food, the accommodation, the connectivity and all the facilities you may need to have a wholesome experience.
  4. Just a few minutes’ walk from the ocean.
  5. Restaurants, beachside eating outlets, pubs and bars, gaming arenas and shops are just a walking distance away.
  6. The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the whole of Jamaica.
  7. A highly friendly and professional staff.
  8. In-house pool to frolic and laze around.
  9. Room services as well as beachside services are provided by the in-house staff without extra charge.
  • Different views from different rooms provide you a panoramic view of the Jamaican natural beauty.

Interested to know more? There is a contact form on our website that you can quickly summit. You can also call us for faster service (the number is present on every page at the bottom). Spend your next Jamaican holiday with us – we will make it memorable.