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Our guests will enjoy quality and creativity that’s simply unmatched. The villa chefs will serve authentic cuisine.

Before you arrive at the villa, we will ask you to complete a preference sheet, just like when traveling on a private yacht — with any dietary restrictions and preferences for what you like to eat.

Villas in Jamaica with private chef

We know that excellent food is an essential element of any great vacation.

At our villas, we take the entire dining experience very seriously.

Discover a showcase of Jamaica Villa Serenity dining experiences, where the ambiance is stunning, and the fare is market-fresh. Here, food is lingered over, savored, and paired with ocean views.

Jamaica all-inclusive Villas

Enjoy World-Class Dining with Your Own Private Chef in our  Jamaica villa with chef

An Unforgettable Villa In Jamaica Dining Experience

Jamaica Villa chef

Jamaica villa dining  experience

We invite you to taste all the flavors that Jamaica has to offer. Our world-class chefs are as authentic as the cuisine they serve

Guest can enjoy meals together as a family, prepared to please all discerning palates by the villa in Jamaica villa private chef, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

Jamaica villa seafood festival February 26
Jamaica all-inclusive villa dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining

The mere mention of the words ‘Jamaican food’ can inspire the need to teleport right back to the fantastic restaurant that stirred your love for the famous Jamaican cuisine in the first place.

During your visit, you’ll find there are endless delicious options when it comes to what to eat in Jamaica.

Still, if you’re unfamiliar with the names of the various dishes, you might be a little lost when offered some of the national favorites.

Enjoy luxury Jamaica villa World-Class Dining Where You Want When You Want!



Jamaica villas with private chef preparing gourmet meals

Your Own Jamaica Villa Private Chef

A vacation is not complete without culinary indulgence. Our chefs are dedicated to providing you with quality cuisine, exceptional service, and true Jamaican hospitality.

Jamaica villa formal dining room

Your Food, Your Way At Your Private Villa in Jamaica

Our chefs are happy to accommodate any dietary or international culinary preferences. Whether you’re traveling with children or have specific requests, we are happy to serve you.


Jamaica villas family dining
Couples enjoying a private meal together

Locally Sourced Food

At Villa Serenity, all of our ingredients are locally sourced to support authenticity and deliciousness in every bite. Taste Jamaican food the way it’s supposed to be.

Jamaica luxury villas

Taste the Flavors of Jamaica

Enjoy a level of variety, quality, and creativity unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. Our chefs prepare authentic dishes that highlight the unique flavors and specialty dishes in Jamaica.

Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa seafood festival February 26
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Jamaica villa private chef dining
Authentic Jamaican oxtail and bean
Jamaica Jerk Chicken
Jamaica all-inclusive villa private chef
Jamaican pork dish
Jamaican fried chicken dish
Jamaican dish with fish
Jamaican Style Breakfast
Jamaica villa meal plan
Jamaican Style Breakfast
Jamaican fish dish


At Villa Serenity Jamaica, there’s no limit to what you can enjoy

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared daily
  • Local and internationally-trained chefs who are dedicated to accommodating your taste preferences
  • Meet with your private chef to discuss your preferences ahead of time
  • From exotic salads to Jamaican jerk chicken and barbecue, we’ll find something that suits the tastes of everybody in your group.

All-inclusive Villa for Rent Ocho Rios Jamaica

About Villa Serenity:

Villa Serenity is a luxury Villa in Jamaica, located in Ocho Rios, with an ocean, full staff, butler, chef, housekeepers, laundress, grounds, and person. We are centrally located to local beaches, activities, adventures, restaurants, and nightlife.

Our villa is just steps away from the ocean and is perfect for large groups. Choose from a variety of vacation package options or choose our all-inclusive package for a complete getaway.

Jamaica villas with outdoor dining option
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