Jamaica’s Best Kept Secret Renting A Private Villa in Jamaica

Booking a Resort Style Villa in Ocho Rios Jamaica for a Fraction of the Price!

A stay at Jamaica Ocean View Villa will change your mind about staying at an all-inclusive resort.  You will experience a side of Jamaica that you can’t see locked up inside of an acre with hundreds of other resort visitors.

To truly spend time,  connect with your friends and family, develop an intimacy, share stories and enjoy island life together, just  isn’t possible in such close quarters as a hotel room.

There’s a new ‘resort-style stay’ popping up in Jamaica. Private vacation villas are offering every conceivable amenity at your disposal. Including your own personal chef, butler, chauffeur, maid, and more in your own piece of paradise. This is where luxury and paradise come together for a perfect vacation. It’s luxury within reach!

Here’s our Top Reasons why Booking a Resort

You will be welcome with complimentary refreshments of Rum Punch/Red Stripe Beer/soda/bottle water, by your staff.

  1. Upon arrival you are greeted by your personal staff with a decadent indulgence of fresh tropical fruits covered in chocolate and refreshing cocktails personalized for you.

Booking a resort

2. Indulging in a nighttime dip in the glistening warm water of your private pool all to yourself is heavenly!. Just you and the warm tropical breezes, the palm trees swaying and the light of the moon overhead.3

3. Spend a day shelling or beachcombing at your own private beach with drinks, fruits and snacks packed and transported for you by your staff is sheer luxury!

4. With every meal prepared by your personal chef, you can be sure that you will never be disappointed.  Catering to your every whim. Are you adventurous? Try Jamaican specialties such as Jerk pork, roast breadfruit, ackee and saltfish, fried dumplings, festivals lobster, shrimp all seasoned to perfection. If you have special dietary restrictions, you need not worry about finding something on the menu… you make the menu! Dining doesn’t have to be restricted to the formal dining room, choose a romantic al fresco dining table by the pool or an ocean view balcony in which to enjoy your meal time.

Booking a resort

5. Afraid that the bedrooms will not measure up? These Private Villas, offer you tropical individualized bedrooms, with all of your favourite amenities. Expansive vaulted ceilinged bedrooms offer flat screen TVs, private balconies, cocktail cabinets filled with a selection of wine. And the best part is you won’t be awakened by other noisy hotel guests.

6.Immerse yourself in Jamaica! Learn how to speak Jamaican, from your personal staff. They will share everything from local beloved sports events to Jamaica’s folklores. Yes they are proud of the Jamaican Bobsledding team! You never have to worry about driving, your chauffeur takes care of that

7. Get outside of the resort gates! Stop by the local market, and experience all of the local flavours and crafts that the Islanders have to offer. Venture out and visit some of the local eateries such as Taste Patties, Juci Patty, Mother’s. Try some Blue Mountain Coffee or if you’re adventurous try the curried goat… it’s delicious.

8. Worried about missing out on your Spa time that a resort offers? Worry not my beauty! How about spending some time having a private masseur need out those nasty knots. Your personal therapists will create a calm and relaxing setting in your villa room, by the pool, beneath the palm tree. The choice is yours.

9. Tired of trying to fight for lounger by the over-crowded resort pool? Private villas have plenty of areas with seating for your entire party. They ensure that there are enough places to sit for the maximum number of guests allowed. Don’t forget the butler has your full attention and there is no need to wait for a frosty Red Stripe or Dirty Banana by the pool, your butler is at your service.

Booking a resort

10. Resorts have to stick to an activity schedule for their guests. Really they don’t get it. Travellers are trying to get away from their incredibly busy demanding over-scheduled lives. A true vacation is one where you decide what you want to do and when. The beauty of a private villa is just that. You take control over your vacation schedule and do what you want, when you want.

11.Private villas have plenty of space for your entire group or family to congregate, unplug and re-discover each other. You are not limited to trying to wrestle a space in the public areas of a resort for your entire group to get together. No boxed in windows by the beach, look for a private villa that has large square footage, enough for your entire group to spread out in In the common areas of a private villa you can take over, walk around as casually dressed as you like, barefoot is best

12.Look for private villas that offer a complimentary private coach and chauffeur. It takes the ease out of worrying about who the designated driver will be when you explore all that your tropical getaway has to offer. Often times, the local driver’s will offer you Insider Tips on the best spots to achieve your vacation goals.

Booking a resort

13.Check out the amenities of each private villa before you book. Many are mini mansions, offering their own Private Bars, recreation rooms, billiards, and more.

14.The customer service ratio can’t be ignored. The average resort staffs 1 employee for every 600 guests. Now that doesn’t make you feel very special does it? A large, well staffed, home has a ratio of 1 employee for every 3 guests. Ensuring you are pampered and every need is met. Now that’s pure luxury.

Booking a resort

We invite you to stay with us at Jamaica Ocean View Villa and experience the finer things in life. It’s pure luxury within reach!

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