Why rent a Villa in Jamaica?

Villa in Jamaica

The Jamaica Villa Experience

Before you begin your search to rent a villa in Jamaica, learn about what is it like to stay in a fully staffed Jamaican villa.

Most visitors to Jamaica have heard about villas but have not pursued this option because of the lack of knowledge.

All-inclusive resort packages are advertised extensively and are more well known. However, the villa, especially the fully staffed Jamaican villas are relatively unknown.

Hopefully, the information below will help you understand how this uniquely Jamaican experience is easy to book, and especially suited for groups and families.

Below we have outlined a few frequently asked questions about renting a villa. Be sure to check them out before booking your next vacation!

Have questions about booking an all-inclusive family vacation in Jamaica? Get in touch with a Villa Serenity travel specialist at 1-401-626-6942.

The Jamaica Villa Accommodation

Be sure to book your accommodations with us at Jamaica Ocean View Villa Home Rental where we specialize in family, large groups, girls, and guys vacations for beach lovers.

Our villa in Jamaica is fully outfitted for families with cribs, high chairs, private pool, beach, access to Porto Seco Beach Club, cabana, backyard barbeque, gym, spa, family game lounge, bar lounge, and more.

We specialize in vacations where memories are cherished for years to come



Everyone has the option of enjoying this wonderful way of traveling in Jamaica. We make your dream of a Jamaica villa vacation a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Caribbean Family Villa

If you’re looking for a Caribbean villa, make sure to do your research before booking.

Each villa packages are different, so you want to make sure you aren’t getting the short end of the stick when you really think you’re booking a deal.

Below we have outlined a few frequently asked questions about renting a villa. Be sure to check them out before booking your next vacation!

Have questions about booking an all-inclusive family vacation in Jamaica? Get in touch with a Villa Serenity travel specialist at 1-401-626-6942.

Are meals included?

The All-Inclusive Dining Experience offers meals for adults at $15 each for breakfast and lunch and $30 each for a three-course dinner.

Kids 12 and under can enjoy breakfast for $10 each and lunch for $12 each. Children 8 and under can get lunch for $10 each.

This price covers your personal gourmet chef and the cost of food.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can choose to purchase your own groceries.  Typically, groceries will run between $40 to $65 per person per day, depending on your menu choices.

All meals are prepared by your gourmet chef, who’s trained in both local and international cuisine. Bonding over exciting new foods is a huge part of any vacation, so we offer a range of delicacies that make it an easy choice to dine right here at the villa.

Are airport transfers included?

Your personal driver will transport you and your group to and from the airport at no additional cost. With the free Club Mobay pass that comes with your All-Inclusive Package, you’ll skip the lines and be escorted right to your private car.

No mulling through frustrating foot traffic in a hot, crowded airport and waiting for a cab.

If your reservation is seven days or longer, your driver will remain available throughout your stay for up to 10 hours a day for only the cost of gas. Certified and registered with Jamaica’s Board of Tourism, your personal chauffeur will act as your guide and provide any information you need about local attractions and great places to see while you’re here.

Get insider information from a knowledgeable local and select a vehicle that seats your entire group. With so much to do around Ocho Rios, you’ll be glad to have an expert to help navigate and schedule the perfect, memorable vacation.

Is full staff included?

A full private staff will be available to you and your group throughout your stay here at Villa Serenity to ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger for anything you need.

Your butler will be on hand to offer service, while the support staff handles everything around the villa to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Your personal gourmet chef is happy to prepare all of the meals in your selected meal plan. For $35 per adult per day, you can have full access to a private bar, complete with a bartender who’s trained and experienced in mixing fabulous tropical cocktails and serving top-shelf liquors.

Your housekeeper/laundress will handle any laundry you need to be washed, returning it neatly folded.

Our groundskeeper ensures that the pool and villa grounds are always beautifully kept and landscaped for your full enjoyment.

For reservations of seven days or more, you’ll also have full access to a private chauffeur who’s trained and certified by the Jamaican Board of Tourism.

Do we pay separately for the private chef?

The cost of your meals in the All-Inclusive Dining Experience will be included in your payment at the time of your booking.

Gratuity is accepted at the end of your stay if you feel it’s been earned.

Recommended gratuity rates are 10% in high season and 15% in low season, because of discounted rates in the low season.

Gratuities are divided among your private staff according to our gratuity guide. If you choose to order from our menu and pay separately for ingredients, your chef will be included as part of your private staff, paid for through your reservation.

In either case, you won’t pay separately for your private chef, and you’ll enjoy delicious and beautifully-presented meals to share with your family and friends in the dining room or overlooking the coastline on the large deck of your private pool.

How many beds does the villa have?

The villa has 10  beds, depending on whether you choose a king bed or four twin beds for Bedroom No. Five, and a pull-out double bed.

Three or four king beds are available, as well as five queen beds and three optional twin beds, and all beds are dressed in high-end linens for optimal comfort.

Three of Villa Serenity’s upscale bedrooms have gorgeous ensuite bathrooms and all bedrooms have balconies, patios, or verandas, from which you can view the majestic mountains, twinkling lights of Rio Nuevos, and the legendary coastline leading out to the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Your entire group, no matter how large or small, will sleep in high-class comfort, with no one feeling like they got the short straw when it comes to suite selection. Come enjoy exclusive access to Villa Serenity’s luxurious accommodations with your significant other or entire family.

What’s included in the All-Inclusive Package?

When you make a reservation with Villa Serenity’s All-Inclusive Package, you’ll get exclusive use of our Jamaican villa with private staff and chef.

Whether your group is large or small, you’ll have the best views, full living area, bar, game room, and pool.

You’ll enjoy gourmet meals prepared by your personal chef as often as you choose, and you’ll be able to take those meals in either the dining room or poolside on the spacious deck.

Relax in the quiet, tropical atmosphere of the private beach, or take your included beach club pass to Bamboo Beach to experience incredible service and vibrant cultural entertainment.

Make free calls to the US and Canada to stay connected to family and friends, and celebrate with top-shelf alcohol from the private bar.

Your chauffeur will transport you to and from the airport and will be available for ten hours a day for reservations of seven days or longer as both a driver and Tourism Board Certified guide.

Resort activities – Things like snorkeling, kayaking, and private pool are often included.

Wi-Fi – This is often included, but some villas may only offer internet access at an additional charge, especially if you use their desktop stations.

At Montego Bay Airport, you’ll be treated with VIP service and expedited processing with a free Club Mobay pass, and you can get Chukka Cove excursions for 10% off.

Which airport should we fly into?

When you fly into Montego Bay airport, you’ll receive VIP treatment with the Club Mobay pass that’s included in the All-Inclusive Package reservation.

With a Club Mobay pass, you’ll skip the long lines and be escorted through customs by an attendant who will help prepare your documents and get you on your way. You may also enjoy the well-appointed Club Mobay lounge and children’s area, including refreshments.

Your attendant will escort you to your private car, which will bring your whole group to the villa so you can get settled in after your long flight. Your chauffeur will also return you to the airport when it’s time to leave, and you’ll enjoy Club Mobay once again for your departure.

Montego Bay is a short drive from Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios, so you’ll get to the villa quickly and begin your dream vacation with no delay.

What attractions are nearby?

Ocho Rios is a hot spot for Jamaican attractions, from theme parks to natural wonders. Apart from your Jamaican all-inclusive villa, you’ll experience as many wonderful adventures as you can fit into your schedule.

Climb Dunn’s River Falls and experience the breathtaking views of these magnificent waterfalls. Choose from virtually endless, unforgettable activities at Dolphin Cove and Chukka Cove, including marine mammal interactions and water sports.

Take a ride on the Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain or try out the exhilarating zip line and see the lush tropical rainforest.

At Turtle River Falls and Gardens, you’ll see some of the world’s most beautiful tropical gardens and exotic wildlife. You can also stroll through Turtle River Park and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Konoko Falls is one of the island’s most attractive waterfalls, and you can’t miss Margaritaville of Ocho Rios. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens and Fern Gully offer amazing views of an unparalleled and unspoiled landscape.

Of course, there are plenty of tranquil beaches with plenty of shade and sunshine, and lagoons like the Cool Blue Hole are always a wondrous place to take the family.

Why rent a villa and how does the cost compare?

Jamaica offers some luxurious resorts and hotels, but even the best resort can’t compare to the service and comfort of a private villa.

At maximum capacity, the staff to guest ratio at Villa Serenity is one-to-three, meaning we can cater to your needs and requests with a standard of personalization and accommodation a hotel simply cannot provide.

Renting a villa in Jamaica means you’ll have the grounds, rooms, and amenities all to yourselves, with a fully-dedicated staff waiting to assist you with anything you need.

Gourmet meals are prepared to your specifications with any diet restrictions you provide taken into account. Experience a truly VIP lifestyle with a private beach and view of the Caribbean from your private balcony.

The tranquility of your own villa can’t be recreated in a hotel setting, but we offer it here at Villa Serenity.

An all-Inclusive resort in the area can cost over $12,000 for a family of  4 ( 2adults and 2 children) sharing the same room for a one-week reservation.

At Villa Serenity, you can book an all-inclusive package for a group of up 10 people,  for less than $300 per person per night (All-Inclusive), and for your money, you’ll receive an unimaginable level of hospitality.

Is it safe to stay in a villa?

Villa Serenity is located in a tourist resort area of Ocho Rios, which is not affected by the crime rate seen in other parts of Jamaica. Our community depends on tourism for its livelihood, therefore we strive to maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere for our guests.

The address of the villa is only given to confirmed guests. It is located inside a 24-hour gated community overlooking Rio Nuevo Bay and the Caribbean Sea. Your private staff stays on the premises so as to be available to you and to provide added security.

Your driver is Tourism Board Certified and can inform you of any areas to avoid if you’re traveling outside of Ocho Rios.

While these areas are probably no more dangerous than some parts of New York or California, it can be hazardous to travel to such areas when you’re not familiar with the area and the culture.

We take your safety concerns very seriously and we’ll be here to offer advice, should you need it.

Caution should be taken in the following areas of Montego Bay and Kingston (We don’t imagine you’ll have any interest in visiting these areas during your stay):

Cassava Piece, Tivoli Gardens, Trench Town, Arnett Gardens, Mountain View, Norwood, Clavers Street, Hart Street, Rose Heights, Canterbury, and Flankers.