Rum Tours in Jamaica

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The Island of Jamaica is known for many things, one such thing that people from all over the globe have come to love and enjoy is the quality rum produced on the Island.

Jamaica has a rich history of Rum production – Jamaica was one of the first countries in the world to produce rum commercially and today is still a leading player in the international rum market.

If you want to learn more about Jamaican rum production and gain some insight into the history and development of this local industry, here are some Jamaican Rum Tours that are available to you in Jamaica.

Appleton rum factory Jamaica

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Appleton Estate Rum Tour

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One of the most popular Rum Tours in Jamaica is offered by Appleton Estates. Appleton Estate is a premier rum distillery on the south coast of Jamaica that has been in continuous operation since 1742 and is one of the first rum distilleries to be established in the world.

The rum produced at this distillery is known all over the world for its quality and unique taste.

To get a more detailed insight into rum production and the history of the distillery, you can do partake in the Appleton Estate Rum Tour.

This exciting and informative Tour will highlight how the rum-making process has evolved over the years, you will learn about the methods used in the early days and also the methods being used today.

Located in the heart of the country’s sugar cane belt, it is the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica. Sugar cane on the estate is harvested both by machine and in an old-fashioned way, with men wielding machetes.

The Appleton Rum Estate parent company also produces the popular Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum. On the tour, you’ll gain a unique insight into part of Jamaica’s history and rich, complex culture.

Experience firsthand the historic production process of Appleton Estate rums. See some of the earliest methods of extracting juice from sugarcane, learn about the unique distillation process in the company’s 200-year-old-pot stills, and visit one of the barrel houses, where the rums age to perfection.

You will get the opportunity to taste the different types of rum produced at this world-renowned factory, testing the quality of the rum yourself!

Visiting the Appleton Estates gives you the chance to learn about and appreciate one of the most popular Jamaican brands in a direct way and is another authentic Jamaican experience available to you on the Island of Jamaica.

By the end of the rum tour and having tasted the products you’ll have a better understanding of why Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is the finest in the world.

Hampden Estate Rum Tour

The Hampden Estate located in Trelawny Jamaica is a 3500-acre estate steepled in the Jamaican rum-producing tradition.

The Estate was established in 1753 and has also been a consistent exporter of rum to Europe over the past 250 years.

The Rum Tour of this famous Jamaican estate will chronicle the rum production process from extracting the juice from the sugarcane to the distilling and storage process.

You will see some of the original equipment that was used, some of which are still operational today and you will also learn about the fascinating history of this Estate, including its long history of sugarcane production which continues today.

Hampden Estate is one of the oldest such Estates in the Caribbean. Hampden Estate currently produces the Rumfire, and Hampden Gold branded rums which are premium brands that do very well in the local and international markets.

A Tour of the Hampden Estate will give you much more than just a taste of top-quality rum; you will get a perspective of what life was like in Jamaica 200 years ago and how it has changed over the years. This tour is a refreshing thing to do when next you are in Jamaica.

The Appleton and Hampden Estates are significant contributors to the tradition of rum production in Jamaica over the past two centuries and are highly recommended places to visit for the best rum tour experience on the Island.

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