Does the properties  have full staff?

The villa is fully staffed with a cook/manager, Housekeeper, Butler and grounds person.

How is meal preparation and grocery shopping handled?
Your cook/Manager will handle grocery shopping and meal preparation. On your first day at the villa, your cook will meet with you regarding menus for the week, then finish the week’s shopping. At that time, you will give her cash for your food and drink plus her $10 taxi fare per round trip. Plan to pay for your groceries and gratuities in cash. Both USDollars and JADollars are welcomed. Alternatively, if one or more of you wish to go to the supermarket with your cook, you may use your credit card. (Stores will not accept your card from your cook if you are not present with her.) Roadside vendors of fresh fruits and produce will require cash.

What services do the staff provide?

Your Housekeeper will care for every detail of your bedroom and bath; providing fresh linens, towels and returning your neatly-folded laundry each day.

The grounds/pool person will maintain the pool and grounds immaculately each day.

Your butler as well who serves, tends bar and generally facilitates