Spending Christmas in a villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Picture spending Christmas on the beach in Ocho Rios, lodging in a luxurious private villa, and exploring the Island. Every culture has its own way of celebrating the holiday season.

Despite the lack of snow, Jamaica’s Christmas is certainly not any less festive.

Christmas in Jamaica

It’s a holiday centered on spending time with family and friends. Locals usually stay at home or visit relatives.

Instead of brushing snow off your windshield before driving a few hours away to visit family members—consider asking everyone to pitch in for an extended holiday vacation together.

Not only will you escape the cold but a private Ocho Rios villa is the perfect setting to be refreshed and reconnect with your loved ones.

Some family activities on Christmas day might include a walk on the nearby beach, swimming and playing games in the private pool, or watching a festive movie in the home theater.

Instead of traditional North American dishes such as turkey, the typical meat dish is the curried goat or roast chicken.

Jamaicans prepare a special cake during the Christmas season called rum fruitcake consisting of ingredients such as dried fruit, rum, and molasses.

Generally, the drink of the holiday season is sorrel—spiked with wine for the adults of the group.

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