It’s Time to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Jamaica

Thanksgiving in Jamaica

Warm tropical breeze, delicious Thanksgiving food (if you so desire), and no clean-up or family debates. 

Is there a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than at a Jamaica villa?

We understand Thanksgiving means tradition for you. It’s difficult to imagine celebrating Thanksgiving any differently than you normally do.

But we’re here to tell you that you can have everything you want from Thanksgiving right here in breathtaking Jamaica.

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Where to Stay

If you want to have a Thanksgiving celebration without the clean-up or planning, then we have a place for you to stay this year.

Villa Serenity is a private villa in Ocho Rios Jamaica with multiple comfortable, ocean-view rooms and personal staff, including a private chef. Our estate is expansive, with space for the whole family to enjoy Thanksgiving in the Caribbean.

We’re excited about your visit during Thanksgiving and will ensure you feel at home during your stay. When you arrive at the villa, you can discuss what you want to eat with your own personal chef during your visit, and they’ll plan the rest. 

You can enjoy the privacy a villa has to offer with your own dining room, bar, and private pool. So, if you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving, you can do it privately with your loved ones, but with an important detail: your own staff will do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

All you have to do is enjoy it!

Still, need some convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should celebrate Thanksgiving in Jamaica this year.

1. You CAN have a Thanksgiving feast.

There are enough American tourists and ex-pats in Jamaica to create a demand for Thanksgiving food around the third Thursday of November.

You’ll find turkey and all the fixings in Jamaican supermarkets, so you can go as conventional as you like.

But you’ll also have a chance to eat what you want on Thanksgiving. Maybe you don’t like traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Perhaps you hate your great aunt’s stuffing. Maybe you really want to eat jerk chicken and banana pudding this year. Celebrating Thanksgiving in Jamaica means you choose what you eat this year.


2. No Cooking For Thanksgiving

Villas in Jamaica private chef

Let’s be honest. Cooking for Thanksgiving is stressful.

There is a multitude of plates to plan, cook, and coordinate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal without having to cook? Staying at Jamaica Villa Serenity means you will have your own private chef.

You can discuss with them upon your arrival what food you’d like to eat during your stay. If a traditional Thanksgiving meal is what you want, you can get it. 

You’ll be served delicious homecooked food in privacy without having to cook. It almost sounds too good to be true!

3. No Clean-Up

If you book a stay at our villas in Jamaica with staff, you can celebrate Thanksgiving as traditionally or unconventionally as you’d like and not worry about who cleans up.

Private Villas in Jamaica with full staff

Because it won’t be you. Enjoy spending time with friends or family, eating food, and giving thanks without the pile of dishes. Now that’s something to be grateful for.

4. The Weather

November is the beginning of the best weather in Jamaica year-round. If you’re dreaming of 80-degree days and low rainfall, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to visit. 

Jamaica sunshine on skyline

You’re also coming at the tail end of hurricane season. Although the season technically lasts till the end of November, big storms are extremely rare during the third week of November. 

So you’ll combine ideal weather while avoiding the crowds. 

 5. Holiday Deals (before the holidays)

Peak tourism season in Jamaica doesn’t begin until December when crowds flock for the Christmas holidays to the sunny shores of the Caribbean.

Visiting Jamaica at the end of November means you’ll miss the Christmas rush.

You’ll probably find better deals on accommodation and FREE activities. And won’t need to wait in line for popular attractions for as long.

6. You Don’t Use Up as Many Vacation Days.

Name another holiday in the year where you get two weekdays in addition to the weekend off. We’ll wait.

With many Americans getting both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday off, you can take advantage of your four-day vacation to go to Jamaica without using up most of your vacation days. 

That means you’ll be able to stay even longer in Jamaica.

7. Create New Memories

Thanksgiving is full of memories, both good and bad. Give a fresh spin to sometimes challenging Thanksgiving memories by spending it with your closest family or friends. 

Enjoy the holiday of thanks on your own terms and create new memories and traditions of your own in Jamaica.

8. The Beach


This reason goes hand in hand with creating new memories and the weather, but the beach in Jamaica alone should convince you to abandon the dark, lackluster days at home for the soothing Caribbean shores of Jamaica. 

Dig your feet into the white sand, dip your toes into the effervescent blue water, and you’ll likely feel a true sense of Thanksgiving that you couldn’t find at home fighting over politics and how to make gravy.

9. Events

Although Jamaicans don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, they have their own festivities in November. If you’re lucky, you can participate in these cultural events as well. 

The week before Thanksgiving is the annual restaurant week in Jamaica, where you can experience true Jamaican cooking. November 25 is a national holiday called Eat Jamaican Day, where locals are encouraged to support their community and eat locally. The Reggae Music Festival is also held at the end of November.

10. You Decide

Have you ever had a Thanksgiving where you did what you wanted? Get away from it all and make your own decisions on how you want to celebrate. You can cook, clean, and argue about politics around the dinner table even in Jamaica if that’s what you love.

Or you can have a traditional Thanksgiving feast in Jamaica but celebrate with people YOU chose to invite, without the cooking or clean up.

If you’re not a Thanksgiving fan, you can decide you want to eat sandwiches on the beach and go rafting down the river this Thanksgiving.

Going on vacation for Thanksgiving means you once again have choices.

Sound like the Thanksgiving vacation for you? Book our villa in Jamaica today before it’s too late.