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Spend An Amazing Thanksgiving Holiday In Jamaica

Giving thanks for the many blessings that we enjoy is a practice that everyone including young and old should embrace. Regardless of your background or ethnicity, we all experience sad and joyful moments in our lives.

For many of us, thanksgiving is not only giving thanks for the many blessings we receive but also a perfect time to spend quality time with family and friends at home, do some shopping, cooking, and serving.

Spend An Amazing Thanksgiving Holiday In Jamaica

If you are planning on visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica over this holiday, there are lots of incredible Jamaica villas offering great services and activities well planned for guests. Are you ready for something completely different? There are lots of ways to experience massive fun during thanksgiving in Jamaica.

Jamaica villa Catamaran cruise

One of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving week with friends and family with a touch of island flavor is by renting a fully-staffed Jamaican villa. Renting a villa in Jamaica is a unique way to spend thanksgiving in luxury.

Some of these luxury villas are conveniently located to offer great views of the ocean and features several amazing facilities such as a swimming pool, bar, Recreation room, garden, playground and so much more. Some of these properties also come with full staff made up of maid, cook, butler, and laundress. It offers you the benefits of privacy and convenience in your vacation home.

Top reasons to spend Thanksgiving at your Jamaica Villa

A family getaway is a perfect way to leave behind the hustles and bustles of your daily life and reconnect with people that matter the most. If you’re planning a vacation to the islands of Jamaica this thanksgiving, think outside the hotel box and opt for one of the magnificent vacation villas Jamaica has to offer.

These properties are designed to best suit the needs and wants of every member of your family. Here are some of the reasons to consider celebrating thanksgiving in a Jamaica villa Fully staffed

Spending an entire thanksgiving week in a fully-staffed Jamaican villa is one of the best ways to experience a hitch-free celebration with family and friends.

Your cook will do all the shopping and cooking for you while your butler will help serve the meals, clean the environment, and also perform several personal services.

Asides from the cook and butler, each villa also comes with a housekeeper to make your bed and a laundress to clean and carefully pack your clothes in your suitcase.

A holiday away in your private villa in Jamaica offers you the freedom you seek without clean-up or preparation responsibility. Jamaica villa chef Kids friendly

Each of these Jamaican villas features a play area specifically for kids. Some of these villas also handle daycare/child care services. Nannies at your Jamaica villa will babysit and take proper care of your kids while you go about your daily activity.

You don’t have to worry about the kids as these villas are kid-friendly in every way possible. Staff members at your Jamaican villa are well known for looking after kids with so much care offering parents an opportunity to have the best of private time.


Choosing to stay in a villa offers a lot of benefits including privacy and convenience. It offers your family more privacy than a hotel could afford. There are no strange faces surrounding you so you have no reason to be worried about your safety and security. Renting a villa offers the convenience and privacy needed for a memorable thanksgiving experience.

It also allows for more time together with family and a whole lot of space to store every one of your belongings.

Exclusiveness Your Jamaica villa vacation promises to be the stuff of dreams.

Breathtaking views, private swimming pools, bar, recreation room, private kitchen, gardens, and water sport activities such as fishing all await you at your Jamaican villa. You save more and spend less when you rent a Jamaican villa Villas in Jamaica


Renting a Jamaican villa makes your thanksgiving even more wonderful. Whether you are planning a Thanksgiving vacation to Jamaica with a selected few or the whole family, Jamaica is home to several incredible villas that will leave your family with cherished memories.

Rent a Jamaica villa for thanksgiving and leave the work to your devoted staff. Make the most of your Thanksgiving celebration by booking the right accommodation