Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Jamaican Ocean View Villa tracked down some useful tips and tricks to help families who are planning a vacation with the kids. As any parent knows, traveling with children can bring a wide range of stressors and if you’re not careful, a relaxing, delightful vacation may be transformed into a nightmare experience that will have you opting for stay-cations for the next 18 years! Oh, and don’t forget to prepare for your travels with some travel insurance to make sure that no matter where you are you can seek medical aid if you need it.


First, it’s important to prepare young kids for your trip. In the weeks leading up to the vacation, discuss the upcoming trip with your children. Discuss how you’ll travel, where you’ll stay and the activities that you’ve planned for your vacation.

Next, it’s important to anticipate boredom and put an end to it before it begins! Pack the portable DVD player, the MP3 player, books, coloring books and other activities that your children can enjoy during the flight and/or drive. For small children, it can help to buy a few new toys, games and DVDs, as these tend to have a special appeal — they’re more interesting and exciting than those ‘boring’, familiar things from home!

For many children, you’ll need to remember to bring along a must-have item, like a special blanket or stuffed animal. So it’s wise to make a list of all the items that you’ll need to pack at the last minute, to ensure you don’t forget anything!

You’ll also need to find the right place to stay on your family vacation. Jamaican Ocean View Villa and other similar rental homes make a great choice, since you’ll have room to spread out, without worrying about the expense of multiple hotel rooms. If you must opt for a hotel room, opt for a suite or a room with a balcony, where the parents can escape from the children and relax for some quiet time. It’s also wise to look into child care services before you travel. Child care provides you with a wonderful opportunity to escape for a romantic dinner or an afternoon at the spa!

Notably, some families may opt to bring their own nanny or babysitter from home. Some families also opt to travel in pairs. When you travel with another family, you enjoy several benefits. The children will take delight in their new playmates and companions, and meanwhile the adults can trade off when it comes to watching the kids, so the other couple can get away for some alone time.

Food is another important consideration as you’re planning a family vacation. Children with allergies or picky eaters can make dining out an extremely challenging experience. It’s wise to view the menu before you sit down in a restaurant, just to ensure there’s something on the menu that will appeal to your little ones.

Some parents find it helpful to bring easy-to-prepare food items and/or snacks from home. This makes it easy to supplement your child’s meals, so there’s no whining due to hunger because they refused to eat at the restaurant. You may opt to visit the supermarket during your visit to find some foods that are sure to appeal to your picky eater or a child with allergies. This is another major benefit of staying in a villa or suite with kitchenette, as you’ll have the ability to cook your own meals if the need arises. This also helps you save lots of money, as eating out for every meal can get quite expensive!

You’ll also want to find lots of child-friendly activities during your visit. It can help to discuss the different activities with your child before the trip. Children do best with routine and departure from that everyday routine can be a recipe for a meltdown. Often, this is because kids don’t know what to expect, so by discussing these activities in advance, your child will feel more comfortable during the trip.

Also, as you’re making up your itinerary, remember to schedule in time for naps and relaxation. Many parents try to push their kids during a family vacation, but this often results in a tantrum or meltdown that prevents you from enjoying the day’s activities. So don’t push your child beyond their comfort zone when it comes to nap time. Scheduling time for a nap will make for a much more enjoyable, tantrum free family vacation!

Jamaica is home to many beautiful sights, like Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls, so if you’re headed in this direction, you’ll need to remember to bring the camera! In fact, don’t forget to take tons of photographs and video! Your family vacation will be the source of so many delightful memories and you’ll regret it if you don’t capture those experiences in photos or video.

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