If suitcases could talk, your luggage will have lots of unpleasant tales to tell.

If you’re wondering what to pack for Jamaica – here are a few helpful tips on packing for jamaica vacation.

Traveling light seems like a big challenge for some travelers. This is because they lack basic knowledge about the essential items to pack for a pleasant Jamaican vacation experience.  You don’t need to stuff your bag with items while traveling abroad. Fortunately, you can enjoy a hassle-free travel to Jamaica. Here are some helpful packing tips for your next trip to Jamaica.

tips on packing for jamaica

Tips on Packing for jamaica

Go through Security like a Pro

Few items in your luggage will make your wait at the airport less time-consuming. Pack light and take it with you to the plane. It is however recommended to get fully prepared for airport security. Take out your laptop, camera and other electronic devices before getting to the airport. Pack all electronic devices in a different bag entirely to reduce checking time, at the airport. To speed up the process at the security, keep every item that needs to be checked in a separate bag.

No need to dress to impress

Enjoy warm weather along the Jamaican coast all year round. It can also get quite humid, so lightweight clothes are just ideal to stay dry and comfortable. Cotton t-shirts are perfect for the entire family. Packing is easy and they don’t take up much space. However, make sure you pack more than enough. For beach activities, bring some cotton shorts. Lightweight sun dresses are highly recommended for women while men should bring a pair of long pants. In addition, do not forget to bring your swimsuit.

Think about the excursions and adventure you have planned

If you are planning a beach vacation or swimming in the pool for the most part of your trip, bring more than two swimsuits. For outdoor enthusiasts, Jamaica offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Long pants and sneakers are a must for adventurers. For travelers looking to eat out at luxury restaurants, you will need a beautiful summer dress for women and a fine collared shirt and long pants for men. For travelers who want to experience a bit of everything, summer dresses, tank tops, polo shirts, T-shirts, modest shorts, long pants will be just fine.

Leave your beach towels and toiletries at home

Beach towels and toiletries are complimentary items available at most vacation rental villas in Jamaica. Save yourself the stress and leave what the property already provides. Most Jamaican vacation rental villas offer complementary items like beach towels, toiletries, pool toys and much more.

Ensure you can share all the memories with friends and family

Capture every pleasant memory with friends and family on camera. Endless fun filled opportunities await you on your next trip to Jamaica. For this reason, bring your camera with extra battery and charger. Jamaica is home to plenty of beautiful attractions that make for great photography. For a vacation worth cherishing for a long time, bringing your camera is indeed a must