Jamaica family vacation, Your family Jamaican villa vacation.

Jamaica is certainly a destination many consider when they are planning a romantic getaway, but often overlook it when traveling with a family.

However, the great vacation rentals available, as well as the many fantastic activities that families can do, creating memories that will last a lifetime, make a family villa vacation in Jamaica a wonderful option.

Dunn’s River Falls

Ocho Rios is home to one of Jamaica’s most spectacular and loved natural attractions. This amazing waterfall cascades over various levels directly into the sea. What makes it extra special for families is how visitors explore it. Starting at the bottom of the falls, you can wade in and climb all the way to the top. Doing this requires help whether it is a shoulder to grab to catch your balance or a helping hand to pull you up a level, working together is necessary to achieve the climb. Not only do you experience one of Jamaica’s jewels, your whole family can form a bond, forming stronger connections with each other and giving each member a sense of belonging. On top of all that it’s pretty fun!

Meet The People

Everyone knows that Jamaica has tropical surroundings and beautiful beaches, but another of its best qualities is its people. To truly embrace Jamaican culture, you need to meet the local people. The Jamaica Tourist Board has developed a program called Meet the People, offering a unique and unforgettable way to learn about the vibrant traditions of this tiny island. Visitors are matched with local people with whom they share something in common, be it a hobby or profession. You will spend time during your Jamaica family vacation with your ambassador immersing yourself into the local lifestyle. Children will get to meet Jamaican children and may even get the chance to visit their school. This experience is free to take part in and gives your family the chance to feel like they are part of Jamaica’s everyday life. It will create a sense of security, breaking down misconceptions that often overshadow everything Jamaica has to offer.

Villa Rental

Jamaica has a huge variety of accommodation options with rental a villa the best option for family vacations. The large choice of villas available, that provide plenty of space, amenities, and security are ideal for families. Staying in one house, instead of separate hotels rooms allows large family groups to spend time together away from their busy lives. With a private swimming pool, gardens, and games there is ample opportunity to do things as a family in a home away from home environment that forges new memories in a way not possible in everyday life.

Ocho Rios

The town of Ocho Rios is located on Jamaica’s northern coast. It is packed with beautiful beaches and family friendly activities, making it one of the best spots on the island for a family vacation. In addition to being where you’ll find Dunn’s River Falls Ocho Rios is also home to Dolphin Cove. Dolphin Cove has a variety of experiences for all ages allowing you the once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with dolphins. Activities also include, snorkelling, tubing, kayaking, horse riding, and of course sand castle building. Almost all activities in Ocho Rios allow families to take part together.

Summer Deals

Families need to plan their vacations around school, which means that summer is usually the best time to travel. In many cases this means that prices for airfares and accommodation are at their highest, as this is peak season. However, summer is actually off-peak season for Jamaica. The weather is hot and sunny, so you will have plenty of time to spend in the pool or at the beach. Flights to Jamaica during this time will often have some great deals and Jamaica villa rental prices will be lower and often times include special offers. Not only that, you will encounter smaller crowds and more families, as the party crowd tends to visit during the winter.

Jamaica Ocean View Villa
has friendly and dedicated staffs that cater to your every need. Their local knowledge will help you customize your Jamaica family vacation, so that you leave with memories that will leave you excited about coming back. The villa accommodation can be set up in a way that best suits your family, excursions books, meals cooked, and transport provided. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff who are on hand to make arrangements that best suit your family.