Vacation to Jamaica ignite surprising enthusiasm

Planning for your Cultural Vacation in Jamaica

You’ve scheduled your trip. The airplane tickets are purchase, the villa is rented, rental agreement signed, and you’re excited toJamaica I am all  packed and ready to go leave! To make your vacation the most enriching experience as possible, there are a few more things you should check off your list.

Do some research:

This is not your homework assignment. Knowing that you’re going to be visiting a particular historic site can ignite surprising enthusiasm for everyone that is accompanying you. Here are a few of the ways that you can learn more about your destination:

  • Historical fiction novels with your vacation spot as the setting.
  • Biographies about people that lived in the country.
  • History books.
  • Movies about the country.

One of our Villa guests this past year, Elizabeth P. wrote to us about some of the ways she learned more about the culture before setting foot in Jamaica.

“I’m a history nerd. It was my major in college, with a focus on European history. When my friends and I decided on Ocho Rios as our destination of choice I immediately went to the library and took out a few books. I picked up Lonely Planet’s Guide to Jamaica, and a few other selections. I also read a ton of blogs about people who also visited. My friend Francisco is more a music guy, and I know he listened to Bob Marley almost nonstop for a few days. To each their own. What made the trip more exciting was being able to see the places I had read about in real life!”

Try it out:

As the date of your trip gets closer and closer, you can prepare by simulating the experience in your own home. Make a fun night of it! Listen to some of the cultural music, cook up some recipes with fresh produce, and try out some traditional drinks.


Jamaica Ocean View villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica offers the perfect setting to relax  with family and friends, to  reconnect with long distance friends, or deepen new friendships. Feel free to contact us for more information about how our accommodations in Ocho Rios suits your Jamaica vacation plans.

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