Villas in Jamaica and the Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Jamaica has now officially opened its border to international tourist as of July 15, 2020


  • COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test required for travelers from the US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Negative test results should be no older than 10 days from the date of arrival and must be uploaded to the Travel Authorization form.
  • All travelers must complete and submit a Travel Authorization form 72 hours prior to arrival.
  • Travel with a printed or electronic copy of the Travel Authorization Form and a printed copy of the negative COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test result.
  • Failure to comply will result in denied entry

We have always taken health and safety very seriously at our villa.

Now more than ever, we are taking additional steps to safeguard your stay with our improved  Protocols of Cleanliness.

We have strengthened our protocols to include all points of contact from the moment your driver pick you up at the airport, to your arrival at the villa and through to the entire experience at the villa.

Our villas in Jamaica are open for business and offer a much safer alternative to staying in hotels when traveling to Jamaica. We want to reassure people that we are taking all of the necessary steps and precautions to protect our visitors, such as thorough anti-bacterial cleans throughout our properties, as well as the offering of protective gear such as you’re able to find by looking here at and similar protective equipment providers.

Our members are fully equipped with the necessary products to ensure that we keep the environment as safe as possible. We also ensure that our staff members are protected since we buy ppe for coronavirus, ensuring that we can stay healthy and safe during this time.

We understand many people would prefer not to go on vacation at this time, however, we have come up with a number of points to consider for people who still want to travel and stay at one of our villas in Jamaica.

While we would certainly advise caution against staying in a busy hotel, where there can be a lot of close contact with other people, our villas and vacation rentals offer a much safer alternative when staying in Jamaica, with a much lower risk of becoming ill from coronavirus.

When staying at our villas you have a much lower chance of coming into contact with other people, reducing your exposure to those who potentially have the virus. In addition to that, the current number of infections in Jamaica is very low, with just 19 cases in total and only one death at the time of writing this article.

Below are three reasons why staying at one of our vacation rentals in Jamaica is a lot safer than staying at a hotel during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Vacation rentals are generally more hygienic than hotels

Coronavirus can be caught by touching contaminated surfaces, such as door handles and tables, and through close contact with others. Touching your face or mouth, which most people do without realizing, can then transfer the virus from your contaminated hand to your body, resulting in you becoming infected. It is very important to keep your hygiene standards high by washing your hands regularly, especially if you have been touching things others have also touched. Additionally, wearing a face mask like those on Custom Lanyards 4 All can also help limit the spread of Coronavirus.

As vacation rentals and villas are self-contained, you have a much lower chance of coming into contact with other people, therefore greatly reducing your risk of catching coronavirus. You can practice effective social distancing in a villa, whereas in a hotel you will be sharing elevators, dining areas, and hotel lobbies with other people, who may be contagious.

As well as this, most hotels are a lot less hygienic than vacation rentals. This is due to the high volume of people passing though hotels, compared with the small number of people who stay at vacation rentals. Most hotels will vacuum and supply fresh bedsheets for each stay, however a deep clean is not performed after every person has left, due to time constraints. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and viruses, including coronavirus, to grow.

With our vacation rentals we perform a deep clean after each stay, which includes the bleaching of all bedding and the disinfecting of all surfaces, to ensure your villa is as hygienic as possible. The floors and materials used in our villas are easier to clean and less likely to harbor germs, as they’re made from hard, smooth materials, unlike the old, germ infested carpets used in hotels.

The air quality in your vacation rental is better than in a hotel room

The coronavirus spreads through various methods, including in the air. Breathing in air where somebody who has the virus has recently coughed or sneezed can result in you catching the virus. This is why it’s extremely important for you to be cautious about where you stay and the quality of the air in that location.

With our vacation rentals you have much better control over the quality of air that you’re breathing in, especially when compared to hotels. Our villas do not share common spaces, such as air ducts or ventilation systems, so there’s no chance of contamination from other guests.

With hotels, the systems in place to control air quality are often shared, which can be a potential way of catching viruses. Many hotels are located in busy central locations, so opening a window for fresh air will result in you breathing in the fumes from passing traffic, which is harmful to your health. With a vacation rental you have your own space, surrounded by nature, so the air is much cleaner and less harmful to you.

Your vacation rental has its own kitchen, so you’re in control of your food

As with the first point made about hygiene in hotels, another common way you can become infected by the coronavirus is through consuming food that is contaminated.

Many hotels offer open buffets, which allow people to choose what they want to eat themselves. All it takes is for one person who is infected to sneeze or cough over the food for all of it to become contaminated. If you consume the contaminated food there’s a risk that you too will become ill. Additionally, people who stay in hotels are more likely to go out to restaurants for food, which creates two issues. The first being the contamination of food through the people preparing it, and secondly restaurants are crowded places where you can come into contact with infected people.

The benefit of a vacation rental is that you have your very own kitchen where you can prepare the food yourself. This allows you to avoid becoming ill through food contamination; you are completely in control. The kitchens in our villas, along with the rest of the villa, go through a deep clean between each stay, ensuring no viruses or harmful bacteria remain on surfaces such as doorknobs, bedding, kitchen worktops, or tables.

We understand people are concerned about travelling abroad and quite rightly so. However, you should not be fearful about staying at one of our villas in Jamaica, as they pose a lot less risk than staying at a traditional hotel, as detailed in the points above. You can still enjoy your vacation and experience the delights of Jamaica by renting one of our vacation rentals.

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We are happy to announce that we are reopening our Villas in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

We want you to feel safe and enjoy a worry-free vacation.

So book with confidence and let us welcome you back to paradise.

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