A Video’s Worth a Thousand Pictures

What’s it Really Like to Stay at Villa Serenity?

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to stay in Villa Serenity, our Jamaica ocean-view villa?

Could it really be as good as our photos make it seem?

We think so. But, we don’t believe in asking you to just take our word for it: Before you visit – before you even get in touch – we want you to see what it’s like to stay at the villa. To dine on Chef’s gourmet Jamaican cuisine. To play in the pool. To walk down the beach. To relax under the Jamaican sun.

To get the whole Villa Serenity and Ocho Rios experience.

We want you to know – to really know, without any doubt – that Villa Serenity is exactly what you’ve been searching for. It really is a luxury home. It really is fully staffed. It really is an ocean-view villa, just steps to the Caribbean.

It really is the perfect choice for your family reunion, your girlfriend getaway, your mancation – your much-awaited retreat to Jamaica.

They say a photo’s worth a thousand words, so what’s the value of a video?

We think video speaks volumes. There’s no Photoshop, no hiding things. A video would show the true face of Villa Serenity.

So, we made three.

What does it look like? Like paradise!

Villa Serenity looks like a spacious, three-story villa overlooking turquoise water and lush greenery. It looks like a sun-drenched pool deck. It looks like a private chauffeur – and a van large enough for your entire group. It looks like courteous and welcoming staff, always attentive to your needs.

It looks like a lot of time spent by the pool. It looks like friends, laughing and sharing the days together. It looks like a couple, taking romantic moments to themselves. It looks like a family, romping on a white-sand beach.

It looks like paradise. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself!

What’s it Really Like to Stay at Villa Serenity?

Here’s the part where we circle back to the beginning: What’s it really like to stay with us, here at our Jamaica ocean-view villa in beautiful Ocho Rios?

We say it’s paradise, but it’s not our opinion that counts. It’s our guests’ opinions.

So, here they are.

Over a weekend, we asked our guests about their stay. We solicited their honest opinions.

What did they have to say? Here are just a few of their comments:

“Ocho Rios is like a perfect getaway place, especially this villa. It’s really close to the beach, with a beautiful river and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. You can just go and enjoy yourself, have a drink… and in the villa later, you can enjoy one of the best Jamaican meals I’ve ever had.”

“I really enjoy the [villa], how you welcome people. The beautiful, private pool and everything – it’s just perfect… This is the place to be!”

“The dessert was to die for – some rum ice cream with chocolate drizzle and strawberries. I definitely, definitely recommend dining here, if you get the chance.”

“It’s really, really nice because you have the beautiful pool here, but then just by walking down you also have the ocean. If you’re anything like me, you can mix it up and go pool, beach, pool, beach, pool!”

Villa Serenity is not just a vacation; it’s the vacation. It’s your perfect vacation.

Won’t you join us? Get in touch and let’s discuss a getaway to the beauty and luxury of Villa Serenity!