The Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is stunning year-round, but for families or large groups, visiting during the winter can be the ideal option. Here are a few of our most convincing reasons why:

You miss hurricane season. Typically, coastal Jamaica boasts a comfortable climate which means beach season is year-round low to high 80’s. From June 1 to Nov. 30, however, there is a great deal of rain and storms which cause many local attractions to close. Wintertime weather is usually milder—allowing you to do all the Jamaican vacation activities on your itinerary.

You can escape the winter blues. Generally, the science behind many folk’s dull winter moods is due to a vitamin D deficiency. Northerners tend to experience less sunlight. For example, in early December in the northeast part of the USA, the sun sets at 5 PM.

The best way to improve your mood is to increase your vitamin D intake and get some exercise. This can be easily accomplished, stress-free with daily long walks through marketplaces, fun hikes in Ochos Rios with beautiful vistas, and morning beach yoga.

There is plenty of time for relaxation too. There’s nothing better than laying on the beach knowing that your coworkers are likely shoveling snow out of their front yard.

You’ll avoid the spring break crowd. Not that there’s anything wrong with revelers and party-goers, but when you’re trying to have a relaxing vacation with your family it may not be the scene that you’re looking for.

Avoiding the college spring break crowd of eighteen to mid-twenty-year-olds drinking heavily and listening to loud music.

Ocho Rios Jamaica’s gorgeous and luxurious Ocean View Villa is the perfect setting for your winter getaway. Visit the website to see some pictures, videos, and more information.