Top Cultural Events, Festival,  In Jamaica During Winter Season.


Magical Music in Jamaica during

Jamaica cultural events, festival and concerts: Jamaica has all sorts of events and celebrations to offer of travelers of all interests—especially if that interest includes having a great time.

Although winter may bleak in some part of the world, in Jamaica, it is a time to merry, dance and enjoy great music festivals. From the popular Reggae and Dancehall to the lesser-known, Jamaica has gained world reputation for its colorful festivals and events all year round.

Moreover, Jamaica has influenced the music world with its genres.
There are countless festivals that takes place during winter but here is a list of the un-missable ones.

Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is one of the most popular events on planet earth. During the festival’s days, thousands of music enthusiasts find their way to the venue to enjoy great music performances by top jazz and blues artists and the world’s most popular Jamaica bands.

Today, the island enjoys several genres that did not originate from the Jamaican soil, amongst these are Soul, Jazz and Blues. The clamor for which gave birth to Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

As a matter of fact, the festival caters not only to Jamaicans, but it’s specifically aimed at tourists who come here to explore the goodies Jamaica has in store. For this reason, thousands of visitors plan their trip to coincide with the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

The festival which takes place every year was traditionally a three-day music festival. The festival days usually fall on the last weekend of January. Just as the name implies, the festival encompasses a wide range of genre which includes R&B, Latin, Soca, Roots, and Reggae among others.

Today, the festival lasts for seven days and takes place at strategic locations in Kingston, Montego Bay and culminating with three days at its home ground, the Greensfield Stadium in Trelawny.

The festival has played host to world-class musicians including Patti Labelle, Air Supply, Celine Dion, Maroon 5, Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Alicia Keys and much more. No doubt, Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival is a world-class event featuring spectacular performance.

Bacchanal Jamaica

Bacchanal Jamaica is one of the biggest festivals on the island, filled with spectacle, merriment and fashion shows. I

t’s a vibrant annual festival that showcases to the world the uniqueness of the island’s music. Since it started back in 1990, the festival has been better year after year, attracting thousands of reveler and spectators from different parts of the world.

This annual event lasts for about eight weeks and runs through from February to April. Each annual event has its own unique theme.

The highlight of the event is a dancing competition where contestants in their colorful costumes compete for the title of Soca Monarch. One of the unique features of this event is that everyone –both locals and visitors – are always in a celebratory mood during the festival months.




Rebel Salute

If you’re up for a little fun and music, the Rebel Salute Festival is a great addition to your itinerary. The festival focuses on music – no meat, no alcohol, no drugs.

It’s strictly about the music. Initially, the event was organized to commemorate the January 15th birthday of reggae icon Patrick Barret. But today, the festival has grown to be one of the most popular events in the country.

It is a one-of-its-kind festival in the sense that the show is strictly about reggae. On top of that, the event conforms to certain authentic, Rastafarian principles. So if you love to listen to undiluted reggae music, this is the festival for you.

Rebel salute will be celebrating its 26 years in 2019. The event takes place in St. Ann, which has proximity to Ocho Rios. Keep in mind that it’s an all-night show so come prepared. True reggae fans will love this festival.

Dates: January 18, 2019 – January 19, 2019

Ticket Prices
Early Bird General: $4,500 JMD
Early Bird VIP: $9,000 JMD

Bob Marley Week

Jamaica welcome fans from around to world to Its annual Jamaica cultural events celebrating the birthday of legendary reggae singer and activist Bob Marley, to celebrate his life and work.

During Bob Marley Week in early February.  cultural events that a must not miss is comes alive in February  when we celebrate the legendary reggae singer, Bob Marley is commemorated for a week. with cultural

True fans of Bob Marley will not miss this great event. Highlights of this annual 5-day long celebration include drumming, Junkanoo Dancers, great local food and other amazing live performances from famous reggae artists. There’s never a dull moment during this festival.

Each day features fun activities including the Punky Reggae Party. All Bob Marley attractions get crowded during this time, including Bob Marley Museum, Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile Village near Ocho Rios and Kingston (his birthplace).

Dates: February 2, 2019 – February 27, 2019

Accompong Maroon Festival

Elizabeth. Annual celebration of Maroons of Western Jamaica, with traditional singing and dancing, feasts, ceremonies, blowing of the abeng (cow’s horn), and playing of Maroon drums. tel. 876/952-4546. January 6

Jamaica Kite board World Cup,

Port Antonio. In the Long Bay Beach area of Port Antonio, this is a 10-day event devoted to kite surfing, with riders from around the world joining in the fun. Events include speed races and stunts.

Dates: March 25 to April 3.

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