Why You Should Visit Jamaica?

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Visit Jamaica

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Looking toward your next Caribbean destination getaway, but not sure where to start? It’s a good “problem” to have! But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful, too. After all, no Caribbean destination or accommodation can guarantee that you will have the vacation of a lifetime…or even a vacation that’s worth the money you spent!

But, here in Jamaica, we can come close to making that guarantee. If any Caribbean island can offer you the best of all worlds: friendly people, flawless weather, exotic excursions, and phenomenal food…it is Jamaica!

Here’s why.


Jamaica feels like it’s at the center of the world. We’re convenient to most major continents, including North and South America, Europe and Africa. Getting here has never been easier! There are flights into and out of Jamaica every single day. And once you arrive in Jamaica (and after spending a few minutes taking in the beauty of our island) you will find countless transportation options to get you to your accommodations.


Authenticity & Culture

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Jamaica has a vibrant history and a culture unlike anywhere else. Nearly everyone who visits remarks at how friendly, welcoming, and laidback the people of Jamaica are. Because Jamaicans speak English, language barriers drift away and locals and visitors have full, memorable conversations. At many Caribbean islands, language barriers sometimes prevent such connections.

Like everywhere in the world, Jamaica’s history is not entirely rosy. It involves centuries of enslavement, piracy and rebellion leading up to its freedom and independence from British rule…and the birth of its most significant movements and cultural milestones: Rastafarianism and reggae.

Now, Jamaica attracts over 3 million tourists annually. The heavy memories of history are present, but don’t define Jamaica. And make no mistake, tourists don’t define it, either: though tourism is Jamaica’s largest industry and the island makes extensive efforts to welcome and entertain its global visitors, Jamaica is still authentically itself.

Things to Do

No matter who you are and what you enjoy, you will never be bored here. Boredom is as rare as rainy days! We have some of the Caribbean’s most diverse and beautiful beaches, not to mention treasures like YS Falls in St. Elizabeth and Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann, and the Blue Lagoon in Portland. Eat delicious Jamaican cuisine, dance to live reggae, and sip cocktails while the sun goes down.

If you need ideas of how to fill your time, talk to us!

Your Pick of Accommodation

Luxury Master suite

Some Caribbean islands don’t think past the all-inclusive resort. Others have very few budget-friendly options. Here on Jamaica, our lodging options are plentiful and open to most budgets. All-inclusive resorts? There are many! Small-scale hotels and guesthouses that don’t charge a luxury premium? Sure thing! And of course, there’s our favorite option (we’re a little biased), the authentic Jamaica villa experience! Jamaica villas offer an excellent in-between option with oceanfront locations, a full staff, and swimming pools that are all yours.

Like Jamaica Ocean View Villa, our mansion near the Sea…with ocean vistas, a resort-style pool and outdoor area, room for everyone. Don’t underestimate how affordable your Jamaican accommodations can be when split among 20 people!

Don’t worry about missing out on excursions if you stay at a Jamaica villa. Many—like JOVV—have drivers to take you to the tour outfitters…and as locals, we have the tour guide connections that will help save you money!

Convinced? We hope you will come and stay with us! A stay at Jamaica Ocean View Villa is one of the best ways to experience the island. Contact us today to book!

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