Best time to visit Jamaica? Thinking about visiting Jamaica this autumn? Great idea. No, incredible idea!

The best time to visit Jamaica is in autumn as it’s warm, it’s often sunny, and you have the island almost all to yourself. Yes, really: Sometimes, you’ll be the only one on the beach, at the waterfall, or snorkeling the reef. And how many tourists can say they had Ocho Rios all to themselves?

Exploring the best time to visit Jamaica…

Of course, do a quick Google search and you’ll find that September-October-November are Jamaica’s off season. Why? Well, weather. We may be the island of perpetual perfect temperatures, but we do need some rain. And that rain usually occurs during the fall months. That said, remember we’re talking tropical rain – those warm, often ephemeral showers that refresh the land and keep you comfortable.

So, what benefits do you reap in exchange for weathering tropical showers? More than enough to balance out the occasional rainy afternoon you’ll spend in a hammock:

Villa Serenity Ocho Rios beach

1. The Deals are Incredible

Let’s start with an easily quantified benefit: Savings!

Are you in the market to save $hundreds on your Jamaican vacation? Visiting during autumn (September, October and November) guarantees you’ll save 20-30% (or more) on your accommodations, plus additional savings on car rentals, activities, and other trip necessities. What’s more, at many of Ocho Rios resorts and attractions, you’ll be able to secure reduced rates on scuba diving, snorkeling, and other can’t-miss activities.

2. You’ll Have the Beach to Yourself

Jamaica in fall means fewer visitors. And that means, you’ll have the beaches, and the waterfalls, and the coral reefs, and all our other spectacular sights practically to yourself. Can you imagine strolling our white sands and swimming in our aquamarine sea, as if they were your own semi-private beach? Yep, that’s Jamaica in fall.

In the same vein, no more waiting! That’s right, you can say goodbye to lines in fall; you won’t have to wait for your tee time, or your scuba diving appointment, or your car rental.  You’ll be the first in line, almost every time.

3. The Sun is Shining (and the Water is Warm)

Let’s start with the scary stuff you read about: Hurricane season technically spans June 1 through November 30, and October-November are our rainiest months.

Realistically speaking, if you purchase trip insurance, hurricane season is nothing to fear. (Satellite weather forecasts make accurate predictions, so you can take any necessary precautions.) Sure, you’ll probably witness some tropical rain showers – or, as Jamaicans see them, the perfect opportunity to curl up on the porch with a warm drink and a good book – but the sun shines strong on many fall days. Oh, and did we mention? Average temperatures hover in the mid-80ºs.

4. You Don’t Need Reservations

For dinner, at least! (You will want a reservation for accommodations. The best book up fast, even in the off season.)

Jamaica is a foodie paradise, which means we attract many culinary travelers intent on sampling all our best cuisine. During the high season, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to snag a last-minute reservation at trendy eateries. In fall, though, even the most sought-after restaurants usually have an open table. So go on, get your foodie on.

5.  We Still Be Jammin’

Just because tourists are sparse in autumn, doesn’t mean Jamaicans stop living. We love our fall months, and we celebrate accordingly! Between September 1 and November 30, we’re looking forward to:

Remember – Jamaica is a small island. When you stay at Villa Serenity, you’re under two hours to almost any festival, event or celebration on the island!

6. Book 3 Nights, and the 4th is FREE!

To celebrate one of our favorite seasons, we’re offering up one of our best discounts of the year: Fall for Ocho Rios, when every 4th night at Villa Serenity is free! Pay 3 nights and we’ll book you for 4; pay 6 nights and we’ll book you for 8! That’s a $750-$1,500 savings! Plus, we’re gifting a bonus day pass to the nearby Bamboo Beach Club.

Or, choose from our other autumn deals: free tours, free massages, free dinners, and 25% savings, on trips from now through December 15. They’re the best savings of the year!

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for information about our oceanview villa, one of the nicest Ocho Rios vacation rentals.