How To Budget for your Jamaica Villa Vacation!

Pay only for what you need

Below Are General Pricings With A Villa Serenity Standard Package For Food Costs, Activities And Transportation

Your Budget will consist of The Villa Rent Plus...


If you wish to buy your own food, we have a supermarket, along with a corner store for a quick pick up. A food budget is typically between $55 – $65 per person per day.


Gratuities are generally paid in addition to the cost of the service provided. Recommended Gratuity is 10% during the High Season (December 15 to April 15), and 15% during the Low Season ( April 16 to December 14). US Dollars and JA Dollars are welcomed.


For the most fun, consider a variety of options that cater to your interests and preferences. We are happy to help you plan. Pricing varies.


Ground transportation is an important consideration when planning a vacation, as it can impact the convenience and cost of your trip.

A typical grocery budget will vary depending on market prices and menus. If your meal’s menu selection includes seasonal shrimp, lobster, imported beef, and large quantities of other food items; pricing may increase.

Typically a food budget is between $55 – $65 per person per day.

Again, this depends on your menu choice. Your chef can pre-purchase your first few meals and pantry staples. The Villa has a fully stocked bar for your convenience.

On your first day at the Villa, your chef will meet with you regarding menus for the remainder of your stay and finish the week’s shopping.

If you wish to go to the various markets with your chef, you are welcome. Otherwise, review your menu with the Chef of your tastes and distastes. Your Chef will handle it all while you stay at the villa and rela

Our van is a 12 to 25-seater.  A driver is available for round-trip Airport transfers, unlimited trips, and tours to anywhere in Jamaica. 

A driver and van are available (12 hours) per day, including both driving and waiting time.

You can split your trip times in the morning, afternoon, and evening to facilitate your schedule.

Our Villa offers one complimentary tank of gas.  Guests are responsible for additional gas purchases if needed. Overtime rate can be negotiated with your driver.

A Full-time Van and Driver:

  • 12 seater van (7 passengers plus luggage for transfers)
    $1,190 per week
  • 15 seater (10 passengers plus luggage for transfers)
    $1,390 per week
  • 25-seater (18 passengers plus luggage for transfers)
    $1,760 per week
Jamaica villa offers certified drivers to travellers

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